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I was born and raised in Astoria, Oregon near the coast and the mouth of the Columbia River.  That location gave me great exposure to the fishing industry, forests, and mountains.  I started drawing war planes in grade school and have have had fun with art every since.  I began painting with water colors but in more recent years changed to acrylics.   My favorite subjects are seacapes, mountains, lakes and rivers.  I have had the good fortune to travel much of the world and have enjoyed seeing a variety of foilage, architecture, geology, and art.  My undergraduate degree was in geology, and it influences my paintings.
Church and Poppies
Cannon Beach
The Mill
My paintings may be purchased in the highest quality copies known to professional painters called Giclees.  Businesses may acquire copyrights for mass production.  
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Bird on Dock
Vancouver Beach
River Chateau
Outer Universe
Grand Tetons
Sierra Minaretes
Winter Barn
Tahoe Summer
Abstract Bark
Tropical Beach
Emerald Bay